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Pierian in partnership with Freshworks through the FreshInsights platform offers rich visualization and analytics solutions for Freshdesk and Freshservice in a seamless manner. FreshInsights is offered as "FreshInsights on Tableau for Freshdesk" in the Freshdesk marketplace and is available to all Freshdesk customers who can consume the basic Reports and Dashboards leveraging their existing Tableau product suite without any further investments. This seamless integration between your Freskdesk data and Tableau reporting happens behind the scenes using our connectors to your Freshdesk instance and using our data models and Tableau reporting templates built by our teams.

FreshInsights enables our clients to get insightful and intuitive visualizations on the performance of their customer service agents, ticket analysis and trends, response time and ticket ageing among others. While some of the features are available for free, further customisation of the data management, reporting and analytics needs are provided for a nominal fee. All your data is securely hosted on the Azure cloud with multiple security layers. Currently many hundreds of customers of Freshdesk have registered with our FreshInsights solution.

Product Features

Following functional areas are covered under the first phase of the application release.

Ticket Traffic Analysis

This dashboard provides an overview of the origin of tickets, priority, resolution time, requester along with trend analysis based on historical data.

Ticket Resolution Analysis

This dashboard provides analysis of tickets by priority, resolution time, first response status among others.

Ticket Summary Analysis

This dashboard provides an overview of the status of tickets, impact, status by agent and priority, requester location and department along with analysis based on created date vs due date and created date vs resolved date.

Agent Workload Analysis

This dashboard provides complete analysis of the workload of an agent over a period of time. The Dashboard gives a view of source of the tickets, peak periods, priority levels among other parameters.

Agent Performance Analysis

This dashboard measures the performance of the agents and also provides a comparison among the agents across various important parameters over a period of time.

Customized reporting & dashboards

In addition to the above mentioned KPIs/Dashboards, we also offer customized reporting/dashboards based on your needs. We also provide hosting on your inhouse server. Please contact us for the same.

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