Tableau Reporting on Freshdesk

To avail Tableau reporting services on Freshdesk, you need to purchase the Tableau TWB file that is built for this purpose. We offer purchase of our pre-built Tableau TWB file that provides you with intuitive reporting and dashboards out of the box in a seamless fashion. Further if you have your own Tableau consultants, you can update the dashboard and charts as per your needs or continue to user our services to do the customization as per your needs.

You need to be subscribed to our data refresh plans to ensure that your Tableau dashboards reflects the recent information from Freshdesk. .

Pricing Plans

We offer two options depending on where you want your Freshdesk data to be stored. The two options and the associated pricing are given below.



Data Hosted on our secure Azure Server USD 1,600
Data hosted on-premise USD 2,600

Note:This is a non-refundable as the TWB file will be delivered to you. However you would be given a free trial period to check out the working of the TWB file with your own data hosted on our server before releasing the payment. Please reach out to for a quote.

In addition to the purchase of the Tableau TWB file, you need to avail the Data Refresh plan. For the first year you will be provided with a 30% discount on the plan chosen by you

To register for the pricing plan of your choice, please visit the registration page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The FreshInsights™ for Freshdesk offers superlative PowerBI’s visualisation features and is offered as a separate service by a third-party provider named Radiare. The services include building connectors between your Freshdesk instance and the data models that churn out the PowerBI reports with data refreshed at regular intervals. This is provided outside of the Freshdesk environment on our secure Azure cloud environment. The nominal payment that is asked is for the regular refreshing of the data, allowing sharing of PowerBI internally to other stakeholders in the organisation, ensuring that API connectors are kept upto date with the changes as and when they are made on the Freshdesk side.

    Also please note that the subscription fees is irrespective of the number of agents that you may have with a restriction on the number of tickets that will shown on the reports based on the plan that you choose.

  • There are two options available for making the payment. We have enabled Stripe for monthly recurring payments or alternately we can raise a quarterly or annual invoice based on which you can do a bank transfer.

  • At present, we have a graph which displays "Ticket Volume by Group" under Ticket Analysis tab. Selecting any specific group in this graph will filter the entire report based on the selected group. If you need Group to be a part of the report filter as a dropdown, you can upgrade to our paid services and avail such customizations.

  • Radiare has spent significant time and energy in building the dashboards and reports. Also the underlying data structures are built in a suitable fashion to support the periodic data freshes from your Freshdesk instance. To keep up with the data infrastructure costs and the reporting layer that our team has built, we charge a nominal fee that is based on your data volume.

  • Yes, you can cancel anytime as the services are offered as “pay as you go” kind of model. If it is monthly pricing plan you will not get any refund but you can continue to use the services until end of the month. If it is an bi-annual or annual subscription, you will get a refund for the months that are remaining excluding the current month.

  • Yes, we offer our services to customize the reports and also continue to maintain your version. There will be additional development fees involved based on your customization needs. We ensure that this is kept to a minimal value just to cover our costs of customisation. You can reach out to us at and we will respond within 24 hours.

  • Yes, we accept bank transfers. Please reach out to us at with your request and we will generate an invoice with all details needed for you to do the bank transfer.

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