Power BI Reporting on Freshsales

Power BI Reporting for Freshsales is an analytical add-on for your Freshsales data in Power BI. The Power BI report offers a variety of filters to provide more detailed analysis. It also allows you to select specific values in order to perform comparative analysis. Analysis coverage includes Sales Dashboard, Sales Pipeline Analysis, Sales Person Analysis and Leads Analysis in Power BI. This leverages your existing enterprise Power BI Pro account to deliver the reports and dashboards.

With Power BI for Freshsales you can:

1. Get detailed insights into your Freshsales activities available as easy-to-interpret visuals.

2. Proactively close deals and take action with knowledge on sales ,sales pipeline analysis, etc.

3. Analyze sales person performance and improve workload and quality of sales closure.

4. Minimize conversion time.

Product Features

Following functional areas are covered under the first phase of the application release.

Sales Pipeline Analysis

This dashboard offers analysis on the sales pipeline and ageing. It also provides information on pipelines by product, won and lost deals and open opportunities.

Sales Person Level Analysis

This is a drill down report from the Top Sales Personnel report. It provides information on the pipeline for the sales person, number and amount of won and lost deals and opportunities for the sales person.

Leads Analysis

This dashboard provides information on leads by lead source, stages, leads quality and leads with authority. Top active leads personnel and leads by year and month are analyzed too.

Sales Dashboard

This dashboard provides information on won deals, won deals amount, sales by region, product category, pipeline values and top sales personnel. A drill down report specific to a particular sales personnel is available as well.

How It Works

As part of enabling PowerBI Reporting for Freshsales, a short registration process needs to be completed. Once the registration process is complete we would activate our connectors to link the PowerBI reporting engine to your Freshsales instance to provide rich visualization for your Freshsales data. Also we take care of periodic refreshes to pull data and keep the reporting engine up-to-date. While the basic reporting and periodic refreshes are offered as part of the basic free tier, for customised reporting, timely refresh, role based security, email support etc can be availed as part of paid tier for a nominal monthly fee.


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